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Exede (Viasat) Phone Service (VOIP)

Exede Voice Home Phone Service

Hassle free communication is essential in the kind of world we live in, and Exede Voice has you covered. Whether it's to have a conversation with your friends and family or to be able to work from home, Exede has you covered.

Making Things Convenient for You

Exede Voice is all about bringing you closer to your loved ones, without any limits or hassles. Make the switch to Exede VOIP today, and transfer your current phone number or get a new phone number. It's up to you. (Some limitations apply.)

Exede Voice triumphs over traditional landline phone service in terms of cost and quality. Even better, Exede Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service stretches throughout the US and Canada.

Not only does Exede Voice exclude extra fees, such as the long-distance charges that come with traditional telephone services, Exede VOIP has no monthly data allowances. Exede Voice does not count phone usage towards your monthly Exede data allowance.

Why Exede Voice?

Exede Voice is a modern telephone service that connects with your satellite dish through your Exede modem. Simply plug your traditional telephone or cell phone into your modem to connect to the Exede VOIP network.

When it comes to location, very few phone providers offer the quality services that Exede Voice does. With no static on the line, no dropped calls, and a clear signal wherever you are, there are many convenient reasons why you should switch to Exede Home Services.

Here are some more amazing benefits offered by Exede Voice that you won't be able to say no to:

Its Incredibly Cost Effective

Are expensive phone service providers not offering what you're paying for? Unlike other phone service providers, Exede Voice provides cutting-edge cost-saving plans. Not only are extra costs eliminated, you receive a $10 discount on a bundle when you purchase Exede Voice and Exede Internet together.

In addition to the US, calls to Canada are included with unlimited local and long distance plans.

International calls beyond the US and Canada can be made at exceptionally reasonable prices with extended Exede Voice plans.

Exede Voice Offers the Best in VOIP Accessibility

One great feature Exede Voice offers is that it won't use up your monthly internet data allowance. You can watch your favorite movies, read your favorite articles, listen to music, and simultaneously make calls. You'll still have plenty of data available. It'll make your life easier!

With this service you don't have to worry about switching to a new number. You can seamlessly transfer your old number to the Exede Voice plan without any hassle. Eliminate the risks of missing important calls!

The Exede billing process is as fast and hassle-free as Exede satellite internet services! All your Exede Voice and Exede internet packages are charged to one invoice so that you don't have to make multiple bill payments.

Ultimate Reliability

Exede Voice is available throughout the US, even in the most remote areas that aren't served by other internet and telephone service providers. Exede Voice promises you the best home phone service quality regardless of your location, along with all the important phone services like caller ID, call waiting and voicemail.

Exede's quality is more reliable than other home phone service providers. This is because it utilizes its own VoIP service. Most other providers use third-party VoIP providers like Vonage.

Because Exede Voice integrates with Exede high speed internet, Exede provides you with a reliable guarantee of quality and consistency. With Exede VOIP, you'll have reliable voice transmission without disruption.

There are many packages and plans to fit the requirements of your household. Call Exede customer service to meet your home phone service needs or to get reliable VOIP for your business.

Join Exede Voice today and reconnect with the people who matter the most to you. Let Exede ensure that you get the best VOIP services available.