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Viasat Satellite Internet

Is Viasat Right for You?

There is a good possibility you are living in a rural area beyond the reach of cable internet if you are contemplating satellite internet. The good news is Viasat satellite internet is available in almost every location in the US and provides users the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of rural life and still take advantage of the perks that come with reliable broadband. Viasat satellite internet is affordable and installed by professional technicians instead of requiring a do-it-yourself-approach. Think of this article as a helpful overview about everything you need to know to make an informed decision concerning whether Viasat home internet is right for you.

How Good is Viasat Satellite Internet?

Let’s get down to brass tacks: Just how good is Viasat internet? Like anything, perspective is key. Cable internet is still king when it comes to internet speeds, but that doesn’t matter if it isn’t available to you. That said, satellite internet can offer high speed performance. Below is a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of Viasat internet. Some of these pluses and minuses are confined to Viasat in particular whereas others are part and parcel of satellite internet.



You have read it but you have a right to read it again: perspective is crucial in evaluating satellite internet.

Why So Many Plans?

Before we take a look at the various Viasat unlimited internet plans, it is important to answer a question you may have: Why are there multiple plans? Those accustomed to cable internet would expect one plan with unlimited data and consistent, high-speed performance. Satellite internet isn’t the same, so let’s talk about its uniqueness.

Viasat has a limited number of satellites that must handle the internet traffic for all of its customers within its bandwidth. Generally speaking, bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can pass through a given system in a specific amount of time. Some customers are high data users while others are low users. Viasat must regulate the traffic and does so according to an established arrangement that governs download speeds.

Customers have a hand in choosing how their data download speed is regulated by selecting internet plans that determine how much of their data is prioritized. Simply put, prioritized data enjoys faster download speeds than unprioritized data. The higher the amount of data per plan, the higher the priority and vice versa. For example, a plan with 100 GBs will mean 100 GBs of the data will be prioritized.

How does unlimited data access fit into the plans? Each plan is unlimited, but its data prioritization isn’t. The data within the plan is prioritized by maintaining maximum download speed within it. However, once the monthly allocated amount is exceeded, be it from downloading or uploading, the download speed slows to permit other users to continue using their fixed prioritized data.

One further note on download speed: it is helpful to understand that the download speed of data varies based on the plan one chooses and one’s location. The latter situation can’t be helped, but the former can. Multiple plans are available with different download speeds ranging from up to 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Upload speed is the same for every plan and tops out at 3 Mbps.

In summary, download speeds are governed by the selected plan. The plan determines how much data is prioritized and what the standard download speed is for the prioritized data. Rather than a one size fits all approach, there are multiple plans on Viasat’s menu to suit the needs of each customer.

Viasat Unlimited Plans

One of the first questions a customer is asked by a Viasat representative is, “What is your zip code?” This question is important because not every plan is available in every area of the United States and Canada. The Viasat representative will be able to let the customer know which plans are options based on the given zip code. Below is a list of the Viasat Unlimited Plans.

There will be occasions in which a given location will only have12 Mbps download speed regardless of the plans available. Therefore, moving from one plan to the next will only affect prioritized data rather than variable download speeds. For example, choosing to upgrade from the Unlimited Gold 50 to Unlimited Platinum 100 plan will only see an increase in data from 200 GB to 300 GB rather than an actual increase in download speed.

Other Plans

Viasat does have other plans available without round the clock unlimited data use. They are the Liberty Plans. These plans are suitable for the basic internet user who wants to check email but isn’t interested in streaming videos or other high data consuming activities. The plans top out with download speeds of 12 Mbps with data packages of 12, 25, and 50 GBs. Viasat Liberty Plans come with the added bonus of unlimited data between the hours of 3am to 6am.

However, as a word of caution, most internet users underestimate their data consumption. Hence, the Unlimited Plans are a better overall value.

Additional Considerations

Just like having options on plans, the Viasat customer has other choices to make. Viasat customers must make a choice between renting or paying for their equipment. The cost is $13 a month for leasing. However, Viasat customers have the option to purchase the equipment for a one-time price of $299.

All Viasat plans require a two-year contract. However, there is an exception. Customers can choose to avoid the twenty-four-month commitment by paying $500 upfront. This is a non-refundable fee.

There is a $100 installation fee for Viasat Internet, regardless of the plan the customer settles on. However, free installation is a possibility for those with both qualifying credit and living in select areas.

Stacking Up Against the Competition

Considering how Viasat compares with the competition is a helpful exercise in gaining perspective on the value of Viasat satellite internet. The field of satellite internet isn’t crowded. HughesNet is Viasat’s primary competitor.

While both companies require a two-year contract, charge basically the same for equipment and installation, possess matching upload speed of 3Mbps, and have comparable plan pricing, the similarity ends beyond these features. HughesNet plans offer data between 10 and 50GBs, considerably lower than the Viasat Unlimited Plans. However, HughesNet does permit customers to purchase additional data during the month, an option unavailable for Viasat users. Additionally, download speeds for HughesNet have a 25 Mbps ceiling. A high value for prioritized data and download speed would tip the scales in Viasat’s favor.

Starlink has captured the attention of the press for its high ambitions for entering and changing the face of satellite internet service. The goal is to charge $99 a month for service (after an approximately $600 startup fee) and have download speeds between 50 and 150 Mbps. This is a staggering target. However, it is only in its testing phase and unavailable for widespread use. One reviewer was getting 78 Mbps download speed once a disruption was solved in the system. Another reviewer described it as wonderful when it works, but complained of it being unreliable and inconsistent. It is not known when Starlink will be fully operational, so it isn’t currently a solid option. One would expect increased competition created from the presence of Starlink will force Viasat and HughesNet to innovate for a better product to maintain their market share. In the end the consumer wins.

Viasat and Online Gaming

Satellite internet puts the online gamer at a disadvantage because of the high latency. However, Viasat offers Flex plans in select locations that combine satellite internet with a DSL connection for the purpose of increasing speeds to address the latency issue. This option helps online gaming become more feasible. Without it, real-time online gaming will be a frustrating experience.

Improvements Around the Corner

Viasat plans to launch its Viasat-3 constellation of three GEO satellites aimed at improving its satellite internet. There will be increased speeds, more data, and greater coverage. Originally planned for the first quarter of 2021, the launch date has been delayed a year because of disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Once launched there will need to be extensive testing over several months before the satellites will be fully operational. These improvements will be significant once the Viasat-3 constellation is ready.


Out of the widely available satellite internet options, Viasat presents the rural customer with more prioritized data and overall faster download speeds than its competitor HughesNet. These better features combined with its cost make Viasat satellite internet a superior value.

Viasat Internet Plans and Pricing

Get reliable, high-speed internet service no matter where you live with Viasat satellite internet. You can choose from multiple Viasat internet plans to find the one that’s right for you. With numerous options, you don’t have to worry about paying for more internet than you need or not having enough to allow you to surf the web, download movies or stream music all month long.

Viasat Internet Plans Offer More

Whether you choose the basic Bronze 12 Viasat internet plan or one of the other options, you enjoy unlimited data and video streaming. With the basic plan, you get up to 12 Mbps of download speed while the Platinum 100 gives you up to 100 Mbps for faster downloading and streaming with full HD quality video.

Each plan provides built-in Wi-Fi so you can connect with all your portable devices. Everyone in your household can be online at the same time, and you won’t slow each other down with the high-speed internet plans from Viasat.

Benefits of Viasat Internet Plans

When you choose the Viasat internet plan that works best for your budget, you can do more online. Watch your favorite TV shows and movies, download songs and videos and shop from the comfort of your home. These Viasat unlimited internet plans allow you to be online more often and do the things you want to do.

To determine a cost and stay within your budget, you can compare Viasat internet plans and prices. Save even more when you bundle your Viasat satellite internet plan with a phone plan or DIRECTV to allow you to pay for multiple services with just one bill. Combine voice and internet or TV and internet with just one call.

Viasat internet pricing is competitive with special deals to get you started. Once you pass the introductory rate, you can enjoy the low prices for unlimited data. Thanks to ViaSat technology, you don’t have to worry about slow dial-up or even DSL internet. ViaSat-2 offers faster downloading speeds, up to 100 Mbps, depending on the plan you choose. Play games or stream music with no delays.

Even if you live in a rural location, you can rely on Viasat to provide fast, reliable internet at a price that is right for you. Call Viasat customer service today, to learn more about Viasat internet plans and choose the one that is right for you.

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