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Viasat Satellite Internet

Viasat Internet Brings High-Speed Internet to You

Viasat satellite internet provides fast, reliable high-speed internet service to people in rural communities. Whether you work from home, like to challenge your friends with online gaming or just want to surf the web, Viasat high-speed internet offers excellent service.

Viasat Satellite Internet Plans

Viasat offers multiple plans to fit your needs so you don't have to pay for more than you need. Each plan offers fast downloads and different amounts of data to ensure you don't run out during a cycle. There's even an unlimited data plan for those who rely on fast internet service. Various features of these plans enhance your Viasat internet data usage, all for the right prices to fit your budget. You get:

Viasat Internet Packages

You can save even more with your Viasat internet when you package it with additional services. Combine it with satellite TV or Viasat Voice to provide home phone service. You can also add EasyCare for service when you need support for an issue.

In addition, you get free standard installation when you purchase one of the Viasat internet plans. A three-year price lock means you don't have to worry about increasing prices for your satellite internet during this time. Viasat works hard to make satellite internet affordable and accessible for everyone.

Viasat is Fast and Everywhere

Viasat provides satellite internet in all 50 states, which covers almost the entire population. It is ideal for people who live in rural areas or even remote locations where other internet providers don't reach. It's also a good choice for users who want faster service than they have with a current provider.

People often ask, how much is Viasat internet? If this is your question, as well, you'll be happy to know it's affordable. You pick the plan that's right for your budget, knowing it will stay the same for the next three years. If you have any concerns, you can read the positive reviews of other satisfied customers.

To have your internet service up and running, all you need is a satellite dish installed by our technician and an Viasat internet modem. With its built-in Wi-Fi router, you can connect to the internet with multiple devices.

All packages include speeds up to 12 Mbps for fast service. You can even get plans with up to 25 Mbps, which will blow you away. Not only are these speeds faster than DSL, but they are even faster than the 4G/LTE you normally find on cell phones. With practically no delay, you can have the information you want right away. This fast internet service allows you to do more online at home:

You can check out Viasat internet customer reviews to find out how others like this service and how it compares to what they had before. Most will agree that it's faster and better at keeping them online.

If you are interested in having Viasat internet installed or have questions about the service, you can call the Viasat internet contact number. Thanks to Viasat, rural customers now have another option other than dialup or even DSL for fast, reliable service that keeps them online all the time.