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Viasat Flex

Viasat Flex: Satellite-DSL Hybrid Internet

Viasat Flex is a new service that combines DSL and satellite internet to get the best of both worlds. The satellite service provides the high speeds and unparalleled reach and the DSL portion provides a low-latency experience.

Viasat satellite internet has long provided top speeds and high data allowances that far surpass the competition. But satellite internet has always suffered from a latency issue. Because the signal must travel so far into space and back, the time between sending and receiving is often around 600 milliseconds. That’s still less than a second, but can affect fast-paced online gaming, like first-person shooters, and will have a small effect on video chats. Viasat Flex keeps the pros of satellite internet and fixes the con.

How does Viasat Flex Work?

With Viasat Flex, you’ll have two internet modems set up. One will provide the satellite internet connection, and the other the DSL internet connection. As you use the internet, the Viasat Flex AI will measure your internet needs in real time and be able to switch back and forth between the two services accordingly. The AI does all this behind the scenes so you won’t notice anything out of the ordinary, except improved performance.

When you sign up for a Viasat Unlimited plan, you can choose the download speed that best suits your needs. This speed is usually guaranteed, but times of high network traffic can cause things to slow a bit. With Viasat Flex, your DSL connection can kick in, guaranteeing you always get at least the speed that your DSL guarantees. Viasat Flex changes the way rural internet users can connect online.

Viasat Flex Set Up

When you sign up for a Viasat unlimited plan, there will be an option to add Viasat Flex service. You will choose a date for a technician to set up your satellite internet and a different date for a technician to set up your DSL internet. The satellite internet can be installed within a few days and the DSL internet will take about 7 to 14 business days.

Viasat Flex currently comes with no additional cost above the cost of your internet connections. This includes free installation and set up. Viasat Flex isn’t available everywhere, but in select areas under Viasat-2 service.

Does Viasat Flex Work With Other Services?

Viasat Flex doesn’t add any limitations to your Viasat services. Whatever services you use with your Viasat internet will be able to benefit from the increased performance provided by adding Viasat Flex to your internet capabilities. This includes Viasat browser and Viasat Voice.

While Viasat Flex doesn’t currently come with any additional charges, this could change in the future. However, any upcoming change will be preceded by advanced notice and you will have plenty of time to discontinue any service that might produce upcoming charges.